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- [ ] A home in North Ridgeville was on the market.

My fiancé and I where eager to see it. He then contacted a realtor in hopes to go view the home. After, about the 6th realtor, that was busy, or didn’t bother to respond. I ended up reaching out to Dave Raney. Within mins. He had responded. I told him our situation in wanting to view a home in North Ridgeville, (we both grew up here, family friendly neighbor hood, the school, convenience factor ect.) Dave was very understanding, and reacted fast. So fast, that by the time we were off work that day, we had a convenient time slot to go veiw the home. We met Dave at the home, for the showing.Dave was very down to earth and easy to communicate with. He answered all of our question in such a timely manner. If he didn’t have the answer at that moment,he would look the information up, or get in contact with someone who would have it. That night, Dave put a bid in on the North Ridgeville home we viewed. Sadly, we had gotten out outbid, and did not get the home. Dave was very apologetic and sympathetic, but assured us, he would stick by us until we found our home. From that day forward, daily Dave was sending us new or existing listings on the homes with our criteria. Anytime we needed a showing,it was almost immediate. Days, and weeks...and weeks..had passed. We had started thinking, maybe North Ridgeville wasn’t going to be the place we would find our family home. We had not just looked at soo many homes, but we had put multiple offers in on homes. Dave was doing everything in his power to get us the home we wanted. He was kind, patient, dedicated and always stayed neutral, esp when decisions had gotten tuff. Though, If you asked his opinion, it was always an honest one. - [ ] That took us to July 4th. Dave had sent us a few new home listings.One of the homes had just posted on the market, that same day. We thought we wouldn’t have been able to see the home, until the following day. But..due to our work schedules, that wouldn’t have worked.The market being very competitive, we didn’t think we had a chance at getting it. Well... Dave wasn’t going to allow that to happen. He was nice enough to put his family, and their 4th of July cookout on hold, to meet to look at the home. This left us with hope. We where excited to get to look at the home. When we had gotten there, it didn’t take long for us to agree that the home was the one. It had what our little family was looking for. - [ ] On top of things,as he alway was. Dave went home, wrote up the paper work, and put the bid in on the home. Not long after that, we received a call from Dave. Our offer was accepted!!! The wait was finally over. Our experience with Dave was so memorable. It was like working with a good friend,brother, or fun uncle. He was dedicated to you,whether the house hunting was good,or bad. He wasn’t giving up! Even when you wanted to. He would always make sure to keep in close contact. He would always check up and see if we needed anything. Even after, the purchase agreement was signed. Dave was still going out of his way to make sure everything went as planned. Checking in on house projects and all. He was amazing. Always going the extra mile, is one of the many great qualities Dave has. If you are looking for an easy laid back process. Dave’s your guy! He will do his absolute best to cater to your wants/needs. We feel lucky, to have gotten connected with him. We Couldn’t have asked for anyone better during such an exciting, but overwhelming time. We highly recommend! I guarantee you will be very please.

Nikki Bowden

Dave was nothing short of amazing.

I just graduated college and a first time home buyer. He was so understanding and patient with me. I recommend him to anyone.

Brianna Mills

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